February 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 3)


Strong Points: Large video collection
Weak Points: Other app content is weak, app is expensive given content




While certainly a far cry from its description as “the all-inclusive app to self-learn molecular biology,” the 90 entries included in the app’s glossary do provide students a starting point for their studies. The glossary entries themselves are not very detailed, nor do they include illustrations (which would be useful in many cases). However, the value of the app is in its video collection, which includes videos pulled from the internet related to each glossary entry. In general, the videos are of good quality, though the criteria by which these specific videos were chosen for inclusion in the app are unclear. The videos are not locally downloaded, and so an internet connection or cellular data is required to access them. Each entry is also accompanied by a link to the corresponding Wikipedia page.

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