Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Bite-sized lessons make it easy to stay on track when you’re short on time.

Weak Points: Limited languages available, requires a subscription for full use.

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free

Mimo is a great app for anyone with the urge to learn coding but without the time to devote hours to a lengthy course. The app provides a few language paths that users can choose, including Python, SQL, and general web development. Each path breaks essential topics down into bite-sized sections that introduce key concepts, such as creating variables and using boolean statements. At the end of each section, users can work on projects of varying difficulty levels to reinforce the concepts learned in each lesson. In addition to the set lessons, users can mess around with code of their own creation in the playground area, access an expansive glossary of commonly used terms, and compete with other users in fun challenges. Mimo is a great app for learning the basics of coding without an intensive time commitment.

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