Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Numerous ways to customize lists, can have
multiple lists and share with other users.

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free

Research often requires juggling many things at once. Between bench work, writing grants and manuscripts, and managing trainees, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. If your other organization apps aren’t quite cutting it, give Microsoft Lists a try. As the name suggests, the app is for creating to-do lists, but comes with numerous customization features that put it a step ahead of similar apps. For each list, users can create rows of new tasks using text, images, or links, and sort, filter, or group tasks together. In addition to the tasks themselves, users can build out their lists with multiple columns. There are numerous column types to choose from, such as adding a simple yes/no button, adding a location or date associated with the task, or adding multiple lines of text to expand on what the task is or what needs to be accomplished. Microsoft Lists is a great organizational tool to help you coordinate multiple to-do lists all in one place.

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