Microscope Resolution

Microscope Resolution

Rating: Excellent

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: $1.99

Strong Points: Easy to use. Several objectives and conditions to choose from. Extensive list of commonly used cameras.

When using a microscope, it’s critical to use the right objectives set at the correct resolutions to get pristine images. However, without a deep knowledge of optics it can be difficult to get those settings right. Microscope Resolution is a useful app that can help you with those settings so that you can gather your best images. On the app, users can choose whether they’re using a transmission electron microscope or an epifluorescence microscope. From there, you can choose several settings, including the type of objective, whether it uses air or oil, and its numerical aperture. After choosing your settings, the app calculates the actual and theoretical resolution, the camera and image pixel pitch, and brightness. It even tells you if you are undersampling. The app includes a description of the equations it uses and a calculator that helps users configure commonly used cameras. Users can also save their settings for easy access later on.

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