Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Large list of microorganisms and a lot of information available

Weak Points: Very basic app layout

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: Free


Micropedia is a great resource for learning more about the enormous amount of microorganisms around us. The main page of the app showcases its lengthy list of bacteria and viruses. Clicking on an microorganism of interest brings users to a page with a vast amount of information about the organism, including where in the world the organism is commonly found, the infection risk that the organism poses to humans and animals, and a list of symptoms that signal infection. Users can browse through the entire list of microorganisms or use the search function on the app to locate a particular microbe that they have in mind. Users can also quiz themselves right on the app about different facets of each organism that the app catalogues. Micropedia has a fairly basic layout, but does include a large amount of information about the microorganisms all around us.