May 1, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 9)


Strong Points: Engaging care studies with many questions
Weak Points: Limited number of case studies




Medical students will enjoy brushing up on their facts with the Microbiology Virtual Patients app by the University of Glasgow School of Medicine. The app’s format is a combination of quiz questions and video game, as the player navigates through a series of 10 microbiology-related case studies across various medical specialties. For each case study, the player is transported to a hospital setting and provided information about his/her patient via the ward nurse. Interspersed with the information are a series of multiple-choice questions testing the player’s medical knowledge. Importantly, each question is accompanied by an explanation of the correct answer, so it can actually be used as a learning tool. The cases are engaging—the only complaint players may have is that there aren’t enough of them. 

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