Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Makes it easy to organize papers and sync across devices

Weak Points: None

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: Free

Not being able to find a specific reference you’re thinking of can be incredibly frustrating, but organizing your library of papers can quickly become a huge and time-consuming endeavor. Fortunately, apps like Mendeley exist to do most of the work for you. Mendeley collects all your pdfs into one convenient place and allows you to organize them with folders and keywords. The app imports not only your papers but also all their associated information, such as authors and publication year, making it easy to locate the exact study you have in mind. Additionally, users can highlight and annotate their saved files right within the app and save these notes for future reference. The app also allows users to sync across devices and on the web, making it convenient to access your papers anywhere, anytime. Mendeley is an excellent way to keep track of and organize your references, saving you time and frustration.