December 1, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 21)


Strong Points: Great deal of information, tools, educational resources
Weak Points: None




The Medscape app by WebMD is an excellent medical resource for medical professionals, students, patients, and just about anyone else. The app is free to use, although users must register for an account. Users have the option to access the clinical reference articles without download within the app (internet connection required), or they can download the library to their mobile device. Content within the app is divided into news, reference, and education sections. The news section can be customized to focus on a chosen specialty (options include "medical student" and "business of medicine" in addition to standard medical specialties) to display only articles relevant to that specialty. The reference section contains a great deal of information on drugs, conditions, and procedures, and also includes tools such as medical calculators and a drug interaction checker. The education section provides case studies, articles, and other resources for continuing medical and professional education.

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