November 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 19)


Strong Points: Nice user interface (use in landscape mode), broad scope
Weak Points: Many equations lack descriptions or explanations




How best to summarize this app? It is difficult to do, since the app is much more multifaceted than its simple name suggests. Certainly the majority of the app is designed as a reference for mathematical equations, and in this capacity the app is incredibly extensive, covering topics as basic as algebra and as complex as differential equations. Be warned that while equations are provided, explanations are sparse (including a key for what different symbols appearing in the equations actually mean). However, there is a notes section into which the user can type his/her own explanation. Besides math equations, the app includes sections dedicated to physics and chemistry (including an interactive periodic table), as well as a neat “tools” section that contains a nice unit converter, among many other things. There is also a Greek alphabet section, for easy letter look-up.

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