November 1, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 19)


Strong Points: Introduction to various aspects of chemistry
Weak Points: Annoying ads, some glitches with interface




Equipped with a periodic table and educational chemistry content, the iTeach Chemistry-Lite app is a nice resource for new students of the subject. The app is free and includes three chapters (basic chemical measurements, atoms and elements, and chemistry of the elements); however, it costs only $0.99 to unlock the remaining eight chapters, which include topics such as chemical reactions and very introductory primers (only about a page or so) to nuclear, organic, and biochemistry. Based on the aesthetic and content of the app, it is difficult to identify the intended target audience. The cartoon interface, for example, suggests younger students, while the derivative and integration equations in some of the chapters obviously imply older students. In any case, there is not much depth to the content, so it is intended as an introductory resource.

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