Seek by iNaturalist

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Fun and easy to use, large amount of information provided right in the app.

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: Free

iNaturalist, previously featured here as a Best App, returns to the column with a fantastic companion app called Seek. Much like the original iNaturalist app, Seek encourages users to observe and engage with the natural world around them. Seek’s major advantage is that it comes equipped with image recognition software that can immediately recognize the species you’re looking at just by pointing your camera at it. Seek provides a large amount of information for each species identification, including its taxonomy, seasonality, and related species. The app also provides numerous fun ways to interact with your environment, including themed challenges and achievement badges for observing a certain number of species. If you are already a fan of the original iNaturalist app, you can sync your iNaturalist account to Seek, so that all of your observations are stored and shareable with friends. For those interested in the natural world, Seek is a fantastic app for immediately learning more about the flora and fauna surrounding them.

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