Human Dx

Human Dx

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Really nice user interface, wide range of cases across many different specialties available

Weak Points: Nothing major

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: Free


Human Dx, from The Human Diagnosis Project, is an excellent tool for medical students and medical professionals looking to hone their diagnostic skills. The app presents users with clinical case studies and gives successively more information gathered from the patient, such as initial symptoms, test results, and health history. At each addition of new information, users can choose to modify or keep their initial diagnosis of what is ailing the patient. At the conclusion of the case study, the app informs the user what the correct diagnosis was, and scores the user on their accuracy, efficiency, and completion. The app allows users to rate each case and provide comments as to what they believe to be alternative diagnoses. Users can choose to solve a wide variety of cases or can focus on cases within their own medical specialty. Human Dx is an excellent app that is easy to use, informative, and a great educational tool for medical students and professionals.