October 1, 2013 (Vol. 33, No. 17)


Strong Points: Great collection of beautiful biological images
Weak Points: Navigation through the museum is cumberson




Visit your local art museum and you won’t exactly find images of fluorescently stained cells. But that’s exactly what is housed in this virtual museum, the Cell Gallery App by GE Healthcare Life Sciences. The app is designed to allow visitors to actually navigate through the “museum” in order to admire past winners of the GE Cell Image Competition. Unfortunately, the navigational controls are a bit awkward—for instance, there are separate buttons on opposite sides of the screen for moving forward and for turning to face the artwork. If you find the navigation too frustrating, there is luckily a “flipbook” option that allows you to simply browse the images in a slideshow format. In that mode, users can also browse by categories such as cancer and toxicology. In either the museum or flipbook mode, users can display more information about each piece of “artwork” by tapping on the image.

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