June 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 11)


Strong Points: Customizable display, many options to share content
Weak Points: Limited number of feeds and boards in free version




With their busy schedules, scientists are hard-pressed to stay on top of the literature. Many researchers resort to tricks such as subscribing to RSS feeds or table of contents email alerts for their favorite journals, though even this can become cumbersome. The Feedly app (designed as a mobile companion to the corresponding website) is a general newsreader app that can be especially beneficial to time-crunched scientists. That is because Feedly allows users to follow multiple scientific journals and/or news sources within the app, organized according to personal feeds that can be used to group together like content. Within the app, users can bookmark specific articles, save particular stories to “boards,” and easily share specific content to multiple platforms and apps from within the Feedly app. The app also provides many options for customization, including the ways in which stories are displayed and ordered, as well offering two different color schemes.

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