Enki: Coding/Programming

Rating: Very Good.

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android.

Cost: Free (with paid upgrade option).

Strong Points: Expansive course catalog; can track progress and learn with friends in the app.

Weak Points: Free version is read-only; have to upgrade to a paid plan for full functionality.

There are dozens of coding apps available and many of them are useful resources for learning common coding languages. However, many of the most popular apps don’t typically cover other critical coding concepts, such as using Linux systems or understanding how computers work. Enter Enki, a coding app that covers it all. Users can choose from a huge library of languages and concepts, including common ones like Python and Java, but also including topics such as coding in spreadsheets, operating Linux computers, and understanding data structures. Users can choose whether they want to start with introductory concepts, practice skills they already know, or delve deeper into obscure topics. You can also form groups within the app so that you can learn with friends. Enki is a great app with an expansive course catalog that is great for everyone, from students just starting to code to accomplished programmers.

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