April 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 7)


Strong Points: Nice images by Theodore Grey, interesting facts
Weak Points: No periodic table, small thumbnail images only

iPad, iPhone



Many readers out there may be familiar with Theodore Grey’s beautiful book, The Elements, A Visual Exploration. While Grey has an equally beautiful corresponding app, at $13.99 it may not be the first choice of poor college students or grad students. Enter the Elemnt app, a “poor man’s” alternative that allows users to marvel at Grey’s images for free, due to a stated arrangement between Grey and the app’s author. The app lists atomic elements and corresponding images on the left side of the screen, which users can individually select and display on the right. Unfortunately, the image that accompanies each element is not enlarged in the display area beyond the size of the thumbnail. Furthermore, this periodic table-theme app oddly does not include an actual periodic table, limiting its utility to students. So while the images and facts are interesting, this app also shows that there is, in fact, a cost for getting things for free.

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