November 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 19)


Strong Points: Large collection of tools; good educational component
Weak Points: None




With the advent of open-source (and relatively cheap) electronics platforms like Arduino, self-made electronics are becoming ever more prominent in laboratories. Now, even nonengineers can learn to build circuits that can automate an experimental workflow or interface with computer scripts to facilitate data collection and analysis. Electronic Toolbox Pro is a fantastic resource both for scientists looking to learn about electronics and for those who are already deep into the process of building electronics. The app contains 81 different “tools” that include circuit calculation tools, databases for different circuit components, and educational tools that provide background information, definitions of terms, and formulas. Beyond using the tools, users can also create projects within the app to which images, circuit diagrams, components, notes, and even websites can be added. The “organizer” allows users to customize which tools are displayed within the app to make the relevant information even more readily accessible.

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