EduCalc Classic

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Many useful functions and information included within the app

Weak Points: None

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)

EduCalc Classic combines a graphing calculator and math reference into one easy-to-use app. The app comes with a basic calculator that also allows users to input trigonometry functions, statistics functions, and commonly used constants in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Users can also input and save up to four equations, each of which can be entered in function, polar, or parametric form. Once equations are saved they can be graphed within the app. Additionally, the app contains an extensive reference portion that catalogs information about a variety of mathematical topics, including probability, matrices, complex numbers, and classical mechanics. Each topic contains a short description that is useful for students reviewing concepts or for advanced users who just need a quick review. The EduCalc Classic app is an excellent combination of mathematical functionality and reference material.

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