apple.co/2Q4rbt0eBird screenshot

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Checklists are specifically tailored based on location

Week Points: Tricky to use if you aren’t familiar with the birds listed

Platform:iPad/iPhone, Android

Cost: Free

eBird, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is a great app for bird watching enthusiasts and amateurs alike. The app allows users to choose a bird-watching location from a map or use GPS services to pinpoint their current location. Based on the location, the app provides a detailed checklist of birds known to inhabit the area. Users can check off each bird as they see them. The app records each trip and logs information about the number of checklists and birds sighted on each outing. Users can also note how the birds were behaving when they were spotted, such as if they were in flight or stationary. Users can also submit their completed checklists and observations, which are used in research and conservation efforts. Unfortunately, pictures aren’t provided of the birds, so sighting may be tricky for those just getting started with bird watching.