April 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 7)


Strong Points: Many phenotypes and species, photos with all entries
Weak Points: Limited primary citations, some very short description

iPad, iPhone, Android



Whether you’re just beginning to work with Drosophila, are an experienced fly-pusher, or are just curious about fly mutants, you’ll enjoy perusing the photos and information contained within the Drosophila app. Primarily through photos, the app lets users explore genetic mutants with body, bristle, eye, or wing phenotypes, as well as practice species and sex identification. In total, over fifty different fly strains/species are included. Each entry in the app is accompanied by at least one photo (often more) and a short description of the mutation or species. For the mutants, primary literature citations are often (but not always) given. From any of the individual phenotype pages, users can access the online database FlyBase to learn more about the specific mutation.

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