April 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 7)


Strong Points: Great, varied content and bonus features
Weak Points: Some major glitches that close the app




This app by the Chemical Heritage Foundation is composed of the Foundation’s Distillation podcasts and live webcasts, which bring together science history, technology, and chemistry. Users can browse the episodes via a sidebar menu and can read short summaries for each episode. Bonus content—such as additional short videos related to the podcasts—are also accessible exclusively to app users. The content is varied and interesting, including everything from the origin of chicken nuggets, to the history of garbage collection, to the past and future of HIV treatments. Unfortunately, though, the app has its share of glitches. In particular, attempting to use the slide bar to advance or go back during the podcast forces the app to close. If glitches like these can be worked out, this app will be much less frustrating.

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