September 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 15)


Strong Points: Easy to use
Weak Points: Only does one calculation, no dropdown menus




If the name of the app isn’t obvious enough, the Dilution app for the iPhone/iPad makes dilution calculations. This is a very simple and straightforward app, as it only does one thing. That said, as a dilution calculator, it works. Its simplicity may also be a virtue in the lab, as one doesn’t need to find the appropriate section of the app; rather, everything that one needs is clearly displayed on the homepage. To use, one simply inputs the initial/final concentrations and the final volume of the solution, and the calculation is automatically displayed. The units for concentration (which must be given as weight/volume) range from grams to nanograms and liters to nanoliters. One inconvenience to the app is that in order to change units, one must click through each option, rather than being able to select the appropriate unit from a dropdown menu.

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