May 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 9)


Strong Points: Great user interface
Weak Points: Nothing major




If it can be expressed as x,y pairs, then it can be analyzed with the DataAnalysis app! (Kind of sounds like an infomercial, doesn’t it? Like a high-powered blender or something…) In all seriousness though, this free app by Data Evaluation Systems is designed to be versatile for all types of data. The app comes preloaded with four sample datasets so that users can familiarize themselves with features of the app. In addition, there are two tutorial videos that offer a much more in-depth and organized tour of the app’s features. Once one selects a dataset and hits “plot”, the user interface is very nice. Users can select the type of fit to apply to the data (such as linear, polynomial, exponential, etc.), and they can also customize the graph display, including the axes, symbols used for data points, and appearance of the fit line. The best part about the app is that you can easily email your graph (either as a pdf or png) or print it.

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