Rating: Very good

Strong Points: Synchronizes with your Codeacademy account; useful cheat sheets and practice quizzes.

Weak Points: Best used as a review tool for the courses on the Codeacademy website.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

The Codecademy website was previously lauded in this column as a fun and easy way to learn how to code, and now you can take all the best features of the website with you wherever you go. The Codecademy Go app syncs up with your Codecademy web account so that your progress in courses online is reflected in the app. The app then allows users to review content that they previously completed online and take extra practice quizzes. The app also includes numerous cheat sheets that you can find in each lesson or search for within the app. Users can also peruse the course catalog for other languages they might be interested in learning and track how to see how your progress is coming along. Codecademy Go is a great companion app to the Codecademy website and recommended for users who want to refresh what they’ve learned in a portable format.

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