December 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 21)


Strong Points: Bonus content is very helpful
Weak Points: Not many questions, only two main topics




Organic chemistry is the bane of legions of college students and researchers alike. Fortunately, apps like Clear Organic Chemistry can help make the topic more accessible. The app contains a series of study questions covering nomenclature and reactions, two areas of organic chemistry in which one can easily get lost. Each section contains three levels of difficulty that provide approximately 25 practice questions apiece. Additional questions are provided for each broad topic, and all 144 questions on the app can be easily accessed from the main screen for review. Each question is accompanied by bonus content that gives more information about the structure or reaction described. Although the relatively low number of questions could mean that users go through the app quickly, Clear Organic Chemistry is a useful tool for additional organic chemistry practice.

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