Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Numerous tools and references available that cover all aspects of chromatography.

Weak Points: None.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free

ChromaPro, from Thermo Scientific, combines several useful tools for examining chromatography results into one sleek interface. Users can calculate column volume and cross-sectional area, amount of protein and buffer per cycle, and the number of theoretical plates using the four calculators provided on the app. Each calculator allows users to input a large number of recorded values to ensure accurate estimates, and many of the calculators also include detailed descriptions about the equations used to produce the final results. In addition to the column calculators, the app also includes a handy unit conversion tool and a reference page that links to Thermo’s protein purification and analytics resource library. ChromaPro is a hugely useful tool for anyone running chromatography assays, and it combines numerous practical tools into one easily accessible app.

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