October 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 17)


Strong Points: Nicely designed, easy to use
Weak Points: None




The ChemTrix Chemistry Calculator app doesn’t have too many “trix” up its digital sleeve, but the few calculations that it does —calculating the molar mass and mass distributions of user-inputted compounds—it does very well. The app is nicely designed, presenting a colorful and simple Periodic Table that includes basic information like element names and atomic masses. To use the calculator, one simply taps on elements within the table (used in conjunction with a number keypad) to write out the desired chemical formula. For convenience, the app includes a list of pre-defined chemical groups, ions, and ligands accessible from a menu on the homepage. Users can also program five additional hotkeys. The calculator displays the molar mass on the homepage, though tapping on the “info” button brings up a page with more detailed information such as percentage mass breakdown by element, the empirical formula, average and monoisotopic masses, and a table view of the isotope breakdown.

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