January 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 1)


Strong Points: Many calculators and reference sheets, lots of information
Weak Points: None




To say that there is a lot of information contained within the Chemical Engineering AppSuite HD app would be an understatement. The app, which was developed by a team of chemical engineers, provides a number of calculators, reference sheets, and chemical information that is useful to both engineers and students. To highlight just a few of the many sections of the app, there are 38 conversion calculators that cover not just units like mass and temperature, but also electric conductivity, kinematic viscosity, and specific heat capacity, among others. The math and spreadsheets section of the app includes very nice linear equation, matrix, and polynomial solvers, and the compounds section includes an encyclopedic list of chemical compounds and their properties. There is, of course, information provided for each of the chemical elements, as well as additional information in other sections of the app.

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