Cell Culture—Learn, Experiment, and Calculate

Cell Culture—Learn, Experiment, and Calculate

Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free.

Strong Points: Numerous tools and calculators available within the app.

Weak Points: No obvious place to add additional notes.

Cell Culture, from ThermoFisher, covers everything you need for maintaining your plates. The app includes numerous tools to help make cell culture easier, such as a simple dilution calculator, a cell counter, and multiple lab timers. Users can calculate important readouts, like cell viability and doubling time, right within the app. In addition to the tools, the app also includes several helpful resources. Within the app, users can access an extensive cell culture manual that goes into detail about everything from aseptic technique to transfection. There are also instructional videos for users who want to get a closer look at how different techniques are performed. Users can organize their data by experiment and export any findings recorded in the app to collaborators or to other lab notebook software. Overall, Cell Culture is an excellent app for learning about, running, and maintaining cell culture experiments.

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