June 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 11)


Strong Points: Same layout as course websites, easy to navigate
Weak Points: None

iPad, iPhone, Android



The Canvas app is the mobile app that accompanies the Canvas learning management system by Instructure. For instructors and students whose courses use Canvas, the app provides a convenient way to access course content while on the go. Within the app, users begin by finding their school and logging into their account with their school credentials. This information can be saved so that users do not need to login each time they open the app. The app is organized to display all of the user’s courses on the home screen. At the bottom of the screen, users can toggle among their courses, calendar, to-do list, notifications, and messages. Clicking on a specific course from the home screen displays the corresponding course content, which is presented in a fashion similar to Canvas course websites. Users can choose to set notifications on their mobile devices to ensure that they never miss any course announcements.

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