Calculator #

Calculator #

Rating: Very Good.

Platform: iPhone/iPad.

Cost: Free for basic version, $4.99 for Pro version.

Strong Points: Easy to use; includes both basic and advanced functions.

Weak Points: Need to purchase Pro version for full functionality.

Sometimes all you need is a simple calculator to double-check your arithmetic. Other times, it’d be incredibly helpful to have something more powerful that can quickly solve an equation or set up a matrix. If you’re looking for the latter, check out Calculator #. As expected, the app has all the functions of a basic calculator. However, users can also perform far more complex computations, like solving a quadratic equation or inputting a system of linear equations. In the paid Pro version, users can also access features like cubic equations, complex numbers, and matrices and vectors. The Pro version also includes some basic statistical calculations like linear regression. The app includes a user manual and tutorial videos for new users. There is also a programming guide with shortcuts for functions like if/then statements. Calculator # is an excellent app that includes everything you’d ever want in a calculator and then some.

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