November 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 19)


Strong Points: Great user interface, well organized
Weak Points: Nothing major




Many of the calculator apps that I’ve reviewed have focused on laboratory calculations such as making buffers or diluting solutions. Just to make sure that the medical professionals out there don’t feel neglected, allow me to introduce you to a medicine-centric calculator: the Calculate by QxMD app for your iPad/iPhone. This app is quite extensive in scope, including calculators for all of the major medical specialties such as cardiology, emergency care, and surgery. Some of the calculators are quite simple, such as calculating a patient’s ideal weight or Body Mass Index from information such as the patient’s gender and height. In other cases, the calculators are not actually calculators, but instead take the form of checklists or surveys. For instance, the app walks users through the extensive WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. The user interface is nicely organized and the app is very easy to navigate and use. I would certainly prescribe this app to all medical professionals!

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