July 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 13)


Strong Points: Easy-to-use, no lag in gameplay
Weak Points: Very simple questions, limited questions in free versions


Freee (in-app purchase to full version for $9.99)


The “Scrub Wars” Biochemistry & Histology app offers a whimsical, game-style approach to reviewing material for medical exams. In the game, users navigate a spaceship that must avoid falling objects and shoot at the correct answer within a given time frame as four potential answer prompts to the posed question descend down the screen. Questions are organized into twenty categories (or “levels”) that include cell biology, cell and DNA repair, and lab methods, among others. The free “lite” version really is just a sampling, providing fifty questions that span all of these categories. The complete version (available for purchase) includes 1,000 additional questions. The graphics are simple, but decent, and the game doesn’t lag. Thus, students may enjoy uninterrupted intergalactic biology review.

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