March 1, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 5)


Strong Points: Teacher resources section
Weak Points: Few literature citations, limited content




This free app by the Wellcome Trust asks users, “How well do you know your own brain?” Users are then taken through brain-related debates on eight topics: technology, responsibility, violent adolescents, alcohol, love, cannabis, cognitive enhancers, and superiority. For each debate, app users are presented with brief arguments for and against the debate topic, after which point users can cast their vote and see how others have voted. For example, the debate topic related to violent adolescents asks whether violent adolescents should be locked away. The debate pits evidence that tough laws may reduce juvenile crime against the fact that the development of brain areas involved in decision-making is incomplete during adolescence. This app is especially geared toward use in classrooms, and it contains a “Teacher’s Area” section with instructions on how to use the app, ideas for classroom implementation, and links to additional resources.

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