February 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 3)


Strong Points: Many simulations included, graphics don’t lag
Weak Points: Very little background information on the simulations




The Atomify app provides a nice playground for people looking to explore molecular dynamics. Using the LAMMPS molecular dynamics simulator, the app presents users with thirty different simulations that demonstrate various physics principles such as entropy, diffusion, and the molecular motions of water in various states. The simulations are engaging and users can interact with them on their mobile devices using the standard pinch-and-zoom touch mechanics. Even when manipulating the graphics in that way, I did not experience any lag or interruption in the graphics. Each simulation is accompanied by a very brief description, though the app’s educational value would be greatly improved if more information were included. As it exists now, Atomify is fun to play around with, but users can’t expect to gain any significant understanding of the science underlying the fun-to-look-at simulations.

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