September 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 15)


Strong Points: Large collection of entries with photos
Weak Points: Not much background information on plant biology, somewhat expensive




Needless to say, aquarium hobbyists will go nuts for the Aquarium Plant app, though the app’s appeal is not limited to just that population. Rather, anyone who has an interest in aquatic plants will find the app’s profiling of 736 aquarium-suitable species to be worth a visit (even if it costs a few bucks). The plants featured within the app are organized into categories that reflect either the type of plant (i.e., stem plants or mosses) or the corresponding location within an aquarium that would be suitable to the plant (i.e., foreground or background). In addition, the plants are also organized according to their difficulty of maintenance, on a scale of one to five. Each plant entry contained within the app is accompanied by an image of the plant and some basic information about growth conditions such as relative rate of growth (slow vs. fast) and suitability for outdoor cultivation.

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