Anatlab Histology

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Well organized, large number of histological images

Weak Points: No additional information is given for images

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: Free

AnatLab Histology is a great app if you want a quick and easy way to explore the anatomical composition of different tissues. The app contains a large library of histological images that users can examine. The library is divided into categories based on tissue type or organ system, including collections such as adipose tissue or the visual system. Each category contains images of a wide variety of organs, tissues, and other notable anatomical features found in that system. For example, if you want to explore the nervous system category, you’ll find histological images of the spinal cord, cerebellum, nerve fibers, and even nerve endings. The app does not provide additional information about each image, such as its function in the body. However, the app is overall a great resource if you want an additional study tool or just want to view some beautiful histology on a range of tissues.

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