Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Many ways to visualize and analyze data
Weak Points: Can only import/export in certain formats

Platform: iPad/iPhone


Amberbio is a great app for scientists looking to bring their data with them while they are on the go. Users can import datasets, project notes, and project settings, making it easy to organize and keep track of experiments. Once datasets are imported, users can visualize the data in a number of ways, such as in tables and graphs. Additionally, users can directly analyze their data on the app using a number of statistical tests, ranging from basic linear regressions and ANOVAs up through hierarchical clustering and principal component analysis. The app provides a manual to ensure smooth operation of all of the features and allows users to send feedback on how to improve the app. Datasets can be easily exported once users are finished analyzing their data on the app. Amberbio is a useful app for examining datasets from the convenience of your phone.

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