September 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 15)


Strong Points: Large collection of terms, engaging random mode
Weak Points: Very few entries accompanied by images




The National Library of Medicine’s AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary app provides app users a convenient means to learn the terminology related to HIV/AIDS. The app contains an impressive collection of over 700 terms, which can be browsed alphabetically or searched. In addition, the homepage of the app highlights a few “featured terms.” All entries are accompanied by a short definition, a list of related terms, and an audio pronunciation. Each entry page also lists a “symptoms” section, but in most cases this page is blank. A small number of entries also include an illustration, the presence of which is indicated by an icon next to the term in the full alphabetical list. For an added level of interest (or for those who enjoy randomness), users can also explore the glossary using the “random mode,” in which one shakes the mobile device to display a random entry from the glossary.

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