Adobe Illustrator

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to use, includes most features seen on the desktop app

Weak Points: Need a subscription to use

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: Free to download but $10/month to use

Finally, the day has come: Adobe released its mobile-friendly version of its cornerstone Illustrator software. Illustrator may be built with graphic designers and artists in mind, but in recent years, the software found a new audience with scientists looking to make clean, easily exportable figures of their data. With the release of the app version, you can now take Illustrator with you so that you can design, create, and add finishing touches to your manuscript figures or poster layouts on the go. The app contains most of the features available on the desktop version and is compatible with devices like the Apple Pencil, making creation of refined graphics easier than ever. The app does require a subscription to use, but app use is included if you already subscribe to the desktop version. Adobe Illustrator is an excellent app for creating and sharing figures, and its new mobile app makes it easier than ever to use.

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