November 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 19)


Strong Points: Fun collection of science-themed stickers
Weak Points: Nonuniform emoji size; copy/paste required




Let’s face it, folks—emojis have become an integral means of written communication in the digital era. So why not have some nerdy fun when sending emojis to your colleagues? The American Chemical Society (ACS) rightly recognized that there is a need for more science-themed emoji icons and remedied the situation with the release of their ACS Chemoji app. The app includes a small collection of twenty-four chemistry-themed icons that include: smiley faces wearing lab goggles, scientists in lab coats, a periodic table, and a “mole” wearing full science attire. Less emoji in nature and more sticker-like (they are much larger than the typical emoji icon), the image icons can be copied and pasted from within the app to external applications. Alternatively, the chemojis can be installed as a keyboard extension, though the user must grant the application wide-reaching access to the mobile device in order to take advantage of this feature.
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