June 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 11)


Strong Points: Nicely organized, useful protocols and tools
Weak Points: Somewhat light on content




With its eponymous mobile app, Abcam offers (like many other “heavy hitters” in molecular biology research) a general laboratory resource that bench scientists can easily access from their iPads or iPhones. The app is divided into two main parts: protocols and bench tools. The “protocols” section contains step-by-step protocols under the umbrella of nine experiment types including IHC, flow cytometry, and Western blots. While users cannot edit or annotate the protocols, the app does include a feature that allows users to set timers as they proceed through the experiment. Under the “bench tools” section of the app, users will find a very useful fluorochrome guide, buffer recipes, dilution and molarity calculators, and a timer. The app is nicely organized and contains useful reference material for researchers.

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