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GEN’s listing of the 25 highest-paid females in the industry.

#25. Paula J. Swain

EVP, Human resources, Incyte

2011 Compensation: $1,309,024

#24. Patricia S. Andrews

EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Incyte

2011 Compensation: $1,336,538

#23. Mary Sontrop

EVP, Operation, CSL

2011 Compensation: $1,403,020 (A$1,337,883)

#22. B. Lynne Parshall

Director, COO, CFO, Isis Pharmaceuticals

2011 Compensation: $1,434,819

#21. Marcea Bland Lloyd

SVP, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

2011 Compensation: $1,615,038

#20. Jane Wasman

Chief, Strategic Development, General Counsel and Corporate secretary, Acorda Therapeutics

2011 Compensation: $1,645,473

#19. Elizabeth B. Rae

VP, Human Resources, Waters

2011 Compensation: $1,663,179

#18. Tamara Joseph

SVP, General Counsel and Secretary, Cubist Pharmaceuticals

2011 Compensation: $2,151,232

#17. Deborah L. Tanner

Corporate EVP and Group President, Research and Development Laboratories, Covance

2011 Compensation: $2,419,761

#16. Jacqualyn A. Fouse

EVP and CFO, Celgene

2011 Compensation: $2,535,033

#15. Lynn Seely, M.D.

CMO, Medivation

2011 Compensation: $2,579,028

#14. Martine A. Rothblatt, Ph.D

Chairman and CEO, United Therapeutics

2011 Compensation: $3,161,350

#13. Helen Torley, M.B., Ch.B

EVP and CCO, Onyx Pharmaceuticals

2011 Compensation: $3,346,433

#12. Nancy J. Wysenski

EVP and CCO, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

2011 Compensation: $3,352,768

#11. Cheryl Cohen

CCO, Medivation

2011 Compensation: $3,554,519

#10. Robin Smith

CEO, NeoStem

2011 Compensation: $3,647,772

#9. Robin L. Washington

SVP and CFO, Gilead Sciences

2011 Compensation: $4,032,193

#8. Silvia Ayyoubi

Head of Human Resources, Roche

2011 Compensation: $4,035,692

#7. Sandra Leung

General Counsel and Secretary, Bristol-Myers Squibb

2011 Compensation: $5,491,673

#6. Laura J. Schumacher

EVP, General Counsel and Secretary, Abbott Laboratories

2011 Compensation: $5,567,493

#5. Amy W. Schulman

EVP, General Counsel, President and GM, Nutrition, Pfizer

2011 Compensation: $5,764,662

#4. Beatrice Cazala

EVP Commercial Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb

2011 Compensation: $5,941,167

#3. Naomi Kelman

Head of Novartis OTC Division, Novartis1

2011 Compensation: $6,927,529

#2. Sherilyn S. McCoy

Vice Chairman, Executive Committee, Johnson & Johnson

2011 Compensation: $8,733,678

#1. Heather Bresch

CEO, Mylan

2011 Compensation: $9,640,486


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1Resigned from position in 2012.

This list includes only women employed at public companies. Compensation was obtained from publicly available figures published in the companies’ Definitive Proxy Statements (DEF 14A) and/or S-1 statements for initial public offerings. For executives paid in non-U.S. currencies, $USD figures are accurate as rounded off to the nearest dollar as of July 30, 2012.

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