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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Endotoxin Testing Tool

Charles River Laboratories

The Endosafe ® nexgen-PTS™ is a rapid, point-of-use handheld spectrophotometer that utilizes disposable cartridges for accurate, convenient, and real-time endotoxin testing. The nexgen-PTS is designed for compliance with global...

Total Cell Density Monitor

Hamilton Company

The Incyte capacitance sensor for viable cell density monitoring, along with the Dencytee optical sensor for total cell density measurement deliver real-time insight into cellular health during bioprocessing runs. The sensors can be used indepen...

Culture Media Kit


PluriQ™ G9 Feeder-Free Media Kits are highly defined, feeder-free, and xeno-free  culture media for the reprogramming, expansion, and maintenance of human embryonic stem cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro....

Yeast Mating Pheromone

Zymo Research

Synthetic biologically active a-Factor is now available commercially for mating and signal transduction studies (e.g.,  α-Factor; schmooing; G1 arrest). α-factor is one of the two mating pheromones in baking yeast, S...

Electrochemical Detector

Cecil Instruments

The CE 4720 electrochemical detector can be used in three modes, DC, scanning DC and pulsed amperometric. Gold, glassy carbon, silver and platinum working electrodes may be used, together with a choice of reference electrodes.  Sensitiv...

High-Throughput Microplate Reader

BMG Labtech

The PHERAstar ® FSX multi-mode HTS is the latest evolution in microplate reader instrumentation that combines high sensitivity, speed, and flexibility in plate formats up to 3,456 wells. The reader performs all leading nonisotopic detect...

End-to-End NGS Workflow System


The GeneReader NGS System is a complete sample to insight next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution designed for any laboratory to deliver actionable results. GeneReader’s novel turntable design enables researchers to process multiple ...

Sample Storage Tubes


These new 1.4 mL round bottom tubes are manufactured from the highest medical grade polypropylene in a fully automated class-7 cleanroom environment ensuring that the tubes are consistent, with no extractables, and are compliant with U.S. and Eu...

High-Resolution Mass Spec System


X-Series mass spectrometry (MS) platform introduces an entirely new industrial design and is composed of customized models, each fully-loaded with improved, easy to use software, methods, and libraries custom-designed for targeted applications. ...

Automated Pipetting System

Integra Biosciences

Preparation of reproducible serial dilution assays, especially in 384-well plates, is a challenging task, as it requires many pipetting actions and is highly dependent aon an operator’s technique and experience. However, observing good...


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