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December 1, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 21)

Super-Resolution System for 3D Microscopy

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Leica Microsystems

The Leica SR GSD 3D is a widefield system designed to localize single molecules and cellular structures in three dimensions. Based on GSD (ground-state depletion) or dSTORM technology, the SR GSD 3D widefield fluorescence microscope can attain resolutions of down to 20 nm in the lateral and 50 nm in the axial direction. To enable the localization of molecules in z direction, the SR GSD 3D uses a deliberate astigmatism effect through the use of a cylindrical lens. The SR GSD 3D is equipped with a 160× objective designed for high-power laser emissions, apochromatically corrected optical components, and SuMo technology (SUpressed MOtion), which can decrease drift during detection.

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