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May 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 9)

Reporter Assays

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Ready-to-use kits for detection and quantification of reporter gene expression are available, including for the reporter proteins luciferase (Firefly & Renilla), beta-galactosidase (reporter assay & staining kits), and GFP. The luciferase reporter assays are measured luminometrically (substrate: D-luciferin or coelenterazine), while the beta-galactosidase assays are analyzed spectrophotometrically (substrate: CPRG) or by microscope (substrate: X-Gal). Using the GFP reporter assay, the amount of GFP in the supernatant of lysed cells or tissues is determined by comparing its fluorescence with that of a GFP standard. All kits can be used for determining transfection rates and efficiencies or for promoter studies. The protocols are compatible with different microtiter plate formats and high-throughput applications.

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