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January 15, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 2)

Recombinant Human Serum Albumin

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Aspira Scientific

A recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA) product, expressed in Oryza sativa rice, has become available, offering an alternative to plasma-derived rHSA. The rice-expressed rHSA can provide a replacement that is higher in purity, more consistent, and xeno-free—that is, it is meant to satisfy regulatory recommendations for avoidance of xenogenic and allogenic pathogen risks by being more than 99% devoid of animal-, human-, or microorganism-derived components and having an endotoxin level below 0.5 EU/mg. It also avoids the immunogenicity concerns of rHSA produced in yeast-based expression systems. Manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified facility, the rice-expressed rHSA product complies with global regulatory recommendations for non-animal-derived components and is available in commercial quantities.

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