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March 15, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 6)

Pipetting Workstation

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Hamilton Robotics

The Microlab® Nimbus384™ is a multichannel liquid handler that can provide fast liquid transfers. The 384 50 µL, air-displacement, multiprobe heads are designed to allow users to pipette in 384, 96, quadrant, column, row, and single-tip formats. An ultra-flat deck with 11- and 12-positions allows for tip stacking and 1,536 pipetting automation. The air dispensing multiprobe head has a dynamic pipetting range of 0.5 µL to 50 µL. The workstation’s software provides two programming methods: vector based and a wizard-driven graphical user interface. Both methods offer wordlist importing and exporting and error handling. The workstation comes with tip and waste stations. An enclosure is optional.

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