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April 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 8)

Microbiology Incubators

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Microbiology incubators in the BD, BF, and KB lines incorporate APT.line™ preheating-chamber technology, a system in which deflectors force the air stream over the heating or cooling element and into the inner chamber through an arrangement of side-wall openings. BD series gravity convection incubators enable continuous operation and can be used for the incubation of organisms, as well as for conditioning heat-sensitive media. Mechanical convection incubators in the BF series are suitable for demanding tasks, particularly for full loads and large batches. With their program functions, KB series cooled incubators offer a range of capabilities and can help deliver reproducible test results. All units offer a 100°C disinfection routine, two-point closure on outer door, an inner glass door, and FDA compliant APT-COM™ software.

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