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April 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 8)

Microbial Colony Pickers

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Molecular Devices

The QPix 400 series, which includes the QPix 450 and QPix 460, features the option to simultaneously detect colonies and quantify fluorescent markers. An agar height sensor is included to help during the picking stage. Software includes tools to track sample histories throughout a workflow. Applications include areas such as protein expression, biofuel research, enzyme evolution, phage display, DNA sequencing, and library generation and management. The QPix 460 offers automation of the workflow from sampling and spreading onto bioassay plates, through to imaging, analysis, and picking, transferring selected colonies to up to 140 destination plates in two stacker lanes. QPix 450 is automated from imaging to picking, transferring to up to 210 destination plates in three stacker lanes.

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